Many years ago and the many was purposely stressed, I was born in the Netherlands and over the years have managed to keep up my Dutch reading and comprehension. This led in the 1980′s to my translation of several Dutch articles out of the NPO magazine to English for the now defunct “Canadian Racing Pigeon News” magazine.

The internet can be a great learning tool, one of which was Steven Van Breemen’s, “Winning” on-line magazine, for which from my keyboard, quite a few article were translated. Presently, translations for the English side of the Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp website are being done.

In 1967 I graduated from the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph. My years at the OAC have given me a knowledge of animal health, genetics, performance based breeding, nutrition and feeding.

The ability to read and comprehend the Dutch language spoken in both Holland and Belgium and my education, have given me a leg up when it comes to my passion of “Racing Pigeons”.

Just a brief overview of our past accomplishments:

 26 CRPU Certificates of Merit, equivalent to the American Registered Champion pigeon

25 Awards of Excellence, equivalent to Ace pigeon awards in Europe.

Many first place finishes in both club and combine and CRPU AWARDS

We (Enna and I) as Wind Walker Lofts, have won and placed at the top of numerous “Racing Pigeon Digest” awards and ultimately, in 2014, won the Grand Champion Ace Loft, which encompasses both old and young bird races, for that year. The Grand Champion Ace Loft is a North American award, available to 15,000 fanciers. We have also placed near the top of other Digest loft awards.

Racing Pigeon Digest- Ace Loft 

Young Birds 

2000 – 6th

2003 – 1st

2004 -1st

2005 – 3rd

2014 – 1st

Old Birds

2014 – 3rd

2014 Grand Champion Ace Loft

An effort on my part will be made to contribute to the knowledge base of this great hobby and will do so by writing on the day to day activities at our loft, while explaining my thinking and reasons for doing what we do.