Canadian National YB Overall Champion Loft

It’s not everyday that National Championships are won. We managed to do so in 2019. These awards gives one a great deal of satisfaction. We aren’t in the habit of bragging, but we are proud of this years achievements with our young bird team.

Bellow are the races used to win the National YB Overall Loft Championship.

Race Date Distance Position Total Birds Coefficient Average Coefficient
08/17/2019 216.631 1 308 .324 .486
2 .649
08/24/2019 249.146 1 406 .246 .369
2 .492
08/24/2019 321.879 1 1,327 .075 .112
2 .150
09/15/2019 391.855 3 1,245 .240 .280
4 .321
09/21/2019 502.917 1 1,223 .081 .122
2 .163
Total Distance 1,682 km Average Coefficient .273

These are the stations and the early prizes won by our young birds. Many of the races used we placed more than the top two positions. Only the top two positions were used to calculate the winning percentile.

08/17/2019       Orillia                  Hamilton Central            1st through 10th

08/24/2019        Burks Falls            NRRPA                           1st  through 18th

08/31/2019        Gravenhurst       NRRPA                              1st  through  5th

09/15/2019       North Bay           NRRPA                              3rd and 4th

09/21/2019        Latchford           NRRPA                              1st, 2nd and 3rd

The North Road Racing Pigeon Association flew a 9 race Young Bird Schedule in 2019.
The first two races on the schedule are club races, there were not a Combine result calculated.
We had young bird sickness and shut the young bird team down and ended up missing 1 race.
We did not fly the last two races, wanting to hold the team back to build up our old bird team for 2020. The championship award was achieved by flying only six races. We missed out on the first week placing quite late.