Cold as H**L

The pigeons were paired the afternoon of Jan 22/19. Three hens laid their first egg last evening Jan 30/19. All of three are older hens. Looks like quite a few will lay tonight.

Low temp for our location last evening was -23.2 C. Coldest night of the winter, so far. And, it snowed for a total of 35cm the last 48 hours. Strong winds made driving hazardous, with white out conditions. Oh Canada, the GREAT WHITE NORTH.

There are heaters turned on, in all the lofts, but the hydro went out last night for 45 minutes and the heater in the breeding loft was not on when I went up early this morning. No harm done, the eggs are fine and the heater is back on. Can scrape in an hour or so.

Reached in all three nests and the hens had kept the eggs warm. Fed and watered the birds, and the hens were back on the nest in short order. When I went to write down the egg dates, my ball point pen wouldn’t work, ink was frozen. Carried it in my pants pocket for 10 or 15 minutes before the ink flowed, dates noted!

On the positive side, the sun is shinning, not a cloud in the sky, and it’s going to warm up this weekend with about freezing temperatures. What more could a person wish for!