Young Bird training!

In this part of the world the young bird races are fast approaching. Only four weeks to the first club and fed race for our juniors.

That means time to train or as some say take them down the road. This training process, should be approached as a period of teaching them manners, such as fast trapping and sharpening their innate ability to home.

I began the process several weeks ago, by cutting down on the amount of feed, just to the point where they are very glad to see me at feeding time.

Out they went for exercise and as soon as I saw they were ready to come down, I lowered  the trap landing board and called once. Some use a whistle others use their voice. I just call once “come” and do so calmly and not very loud.

Keep them on the hungry side and repeat every day for awhile. About the third time they will put two and two together, come right down and trap like the devil is chasing them. If you persist for a few more days you will get them to the point where you can call them down out of the air.