Sometime today this site will go live. A lot of work goes into a site like this. It won’t be just a plain old racing pigeon blog. Right now visitors can already view our breeding pairs, although while writing this post there are only two there, still have 9 more to enter, perhaps tonight!

When the race season begins our race results will also be on line, we still have 2 months to get the race page template coded. There are also several informational videos being planned, the first of which should be online just before the racing season begins.

When standing down a year and a half ago as an executive member of the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union, I was determined to do some writing, wanting to help educate the average racing pigeon fancier by writing down my thoughts on feeding, training, breeding, health over a period of time and posting some of the day to day happenings at our loft.

I don’t profess to know it all, but I do know something as shown by our results over a 40 year career. I can be opionated and you should be sceptical of anything I say or write. Use what I will try to pass down to develop a system or method that works for you, don’t just take anything the old dog at the club says as dogma, more often than not it’s wrong.

Our methods are an open book, in reality there are no secrets in this sport. All a beginner needs to know is available on the web to-day, but it takes some experience in this hobby to winnow the wheat from the chaff. After all it is the disinformation highway.  What beginners lack is experience and that where we as old farts, having years of experience in the sport come in. We should all try to pass some of our acquired knowledge down to new and or less successful flyers. All they need to do is read, listen and think.

Our loft

Today banded the last youngster in  the race loft and there are only 2 more eggs to hatch in the breeding loft, it’s their second round. Have everyone on Beyers Starter feed now. The dropping around the nest bowls are dry and well formed, no squirters at all, even though quite a few of the cocks are driving again. A hen in the race loft also laid again, so will be watching the rest. They can sit for a few days on this, their second round, but no more than 7 days. Don’t want to risk them moulting to early. It’s a long time to the end of the old bird racing season.