Second Round Weaned

Yesterday we weaned the second round out of the breeding loft and vaccinated them for PMV  before putting them in their new loft. We have a total of 12 pairs in the breeding loft. Two pairs were a bit later laying so  they are still feeding and sitting on eggs. The other 10 pairs are also down on eggs, which will begin hatching next week. Look as if the third round will be weaned of before the end of April.

We weaned a total of 20 youngster and still have 4 in the nest, that’s 100 %, not shabby and better than the first round where we had a few misses, probably due to colder weather and shorter day length.

This weekend taking 5 YB from the first round to Ottawa for the Dutch Touch One Loft Race. First OLR we have ever entered, looking forward to the experience and keeping our fingers crossed.

Damp, miserable weather here today, one of those Colorado lows coming through. We are just on the south side of it, so just rain and wind here. North of us freezing rain and snow. Power outages in places.

This means this morning the lofts were damp. I spread industrial sand mixed with some Stalosan F on all the floors and any nest boxes with babies in them.


“Stalosan F is an animal housing hygiene product for effective control of: bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, moisture, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Stalosan F improves the animal housing environment without facilitating development of resistant strains.”

The paragraph above is a direct quote from the Stalosan site. You can read more here.

It comes in 15 kg bag and locally (Farmersfarmacy in Cambridge ON, Canada) costs $28.95. A very effective product. In my opinion, for whatever that’s worth, a much better product for use in the pigeon loft than loft white usually pushed by the pigeon supply houses. The last bag I purchased was split with a friend at least 3 years ago and I still have enough for another year or more, so goes a long way. Adds a nice fresh smell to the loft.