Today I had a good day!

It’s not often I get excited about someone else’s pigeon purchase. But, today, March 27 2017, I’ve been humming to myself and smiling all day. Early this morning Hollywood68 (Canada) outbid Sunshine (Taiwan) for the, “Last Son Euro” put up for auction by Hans and Ever-Jan Eijerkamp on the online auction site. The price and I being facetious, was a mere €24,000. For once fantastically well-bred racing pigeon did not go to the far East instead, it came to Canada. Imagine Canada! Who said the sport is dying, it’s not dying it’s changing and will soon blossom.

Last Son Euro








What makes this bird so valuable? The value of this tremendous cock bird lies in the potential of his genetic package, his DNA.

Having translated for the Eijerkamps since 2012 I have many times witnessed the breeding value of the father of “Last Son Euro”, the world famous “Euro”. This cock, the “Euro” was purchased by Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp at the Total Sale of Heremans-Ceusters for the then fantastic sum of €28,000, for that time in 2007, this was indeed a price reaching into the stratosphere.








To understand what a breeder the “Euro” has been follow this link to the Eijerkamp site.The Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp Heremans Dynasty.  and check out the link to the “Euro” on that page. He has been unbelievable.

At the Heremans-Ceusters Total Sale in 2007 there was another pair off pigeons purchased by Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, the super pair of “Rossi” x “Spinekke” for the sum of €43,200.








A small sample of results flown by the descendants of “Rossi” x “Spinneke

  • 1st Olympiade pigeon Netherlands 2012 middle distance
  • 1st Olympiade pigeon Poznan Olympiade Cat. F
  • 1st National Ace pigeon Croatia 2013 yearlings
  • 1st National Ace pigeon Croatia short distance
  • 1st National Ace pigeon Croatia middle distance
  • 1st NPO Morlincourt against 6,297 pigeons
  • 1st Hasselt against 3,572 pigeons
  • 1st Nijvel against 2,862 pigeons
  • 1st Seregélyes against 2,269 pigeons
  • 1st Nanteuil against 2,103 pigeons

Now we can see why “Last Son Euro” has the potential to become a sublime breeder. Look at his pedigree. “Last Son Euro” not only has the “Euro” as his father, he also descends from “Rossi” x “Spinneke” on his mother’s side. His grandfather is “Niewe Rossi” a tremendous breeder in his own right, understandable when we see that he is right out of “Rossi” x “Spinneke”, the Dream Pair.

Son Euro Ped






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Now you can understand why I am humming and smiling. It’s not every-day that a quality pigeon, with his potential comes to Canada and not only that he was purchased by my good friends Oscar and Linda Devries, aka Hollywood68!
I’ll be standing in line for one of his offspring and dreaming of the prizes it’s babies will win!

Wishing everyone good flying!!

Nick Oud